What You Don’t Know About Recruiting Can Hurt You

Are you tired of seeing the top network marketers recruiting on a whim and you can’t even get someone to look at a company video? In this article, I am going to talk to you about what you don’t know about recruiting that can hurt you.

I see many people start in the network marketing profession and circle around a week later to notice they have already quit. The reason this happens is that they do not get the results they want fast enough. Most of the time, they have not been able to recruit anyone and are frustrated by it. The problem is they don’t understand what it takes to bring people on board in their business.

Influence Is a Must

When you want to recruit someone, you must have influence with them. If people do not trust you, your decision or your business sense, it is unlikely they are going to follow you in business. This can be frustrating for many people because they do not have influence.

Is there any hope for someone that does not have influence? How are they supposed to build a network marketing business?

If you do not have the influence to recruit someone to your team, you most likely have someone in your upline that does have the influence. You can use their influence and resume to help you bring people onto your team. You never have to be the deal in your business but building your influence is a smart move.


Working with your upline and asking them for 3way calls and 2 on 1 meetings will help you successfully build your business so make sure to get masterful in the art of edification and connecting people so they can get the information and confirmation they need.

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